iro iro

farewell!! sayounara!

Hey all!!
Maybe it’s gonna be the last post..
Because since 21st of september I already going to school..
So, it seems I’m too busy :/ hehehehe..
But don’t worry, next holiday I’ll posting again. There are 3 post, that I haven’t post it yet..
They are:
-balada jati belanda
-nasib curut dalam ember
-my new pet! Akanishi~

So, bye all!!

Atashi wa, gakusei desu..
Ashita wa, gakkou hajime kara.. Atashi wa isogashi desu..
Sayounara minna~

Kondo oyasumi, aitai desu..

(I know there’s a lot of mistake on my languange-japanese and english- . Thanks all!)


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