my world (atashi no sekai)

my super duper 18!!

hey all!!

mmm on 16 December, it’s my birthday… hihi

and, if you read my previous post (but now I already delete that post :P), I have some kind of dream..

yup, of course it’s related to him..

and.. on my birthday, that dream comes true!! yiiihaaaaa *brb sujud syukur*

okay, I’ll tell you about everything I get when the day of my birthday..

15 December 2011:

around 11 pm: I’ve just finished my shower time, I checked my bbm then Ammar (wakomting) gave me a broadcast message that tells we have to go to marina (futsal area) because we lose number to senior, and I text maria, I ask her if she wanna go or not. She said she’ll pick me up right away, and I said I have to dress up, because I just back from bathroom.. and than I dressed up, but till 11.40pm she haven’t text me, and at that time I think she just fall asleep. I lay up on the floor, and I fall asleep..

00.00 : I wake up because my phone was ringing, and when I answer it.. it was haekal and the others! they said “happy birthday” to me!! ^.^ aaaaa I’m so happy.. because I think that no one care to me…

around 12.15 am: maria “ping!!!” me at the bbm.. she said come out.. and then I come to a point where she usually pick me.. and when I almost arrived to that point, she approached me.. and close my eyes with her hands! we walk together, she still close my eyes.. and when we arrived she let me see what happen.. there are my friends come here! they’re holding a piece of paper with one letter print on it.. and they standing make a form..

line 1 = “HAPPY”

line 2 = “BIRTHDAY”

line 3 = “MUFI”

and.. after that Fadli (our ex-komting) came up with the cake, haha

and then.. this is my girlsss ({}) :*

aaaaa I almost cry at that time! why I’m not crying?? because I still wearing a contact lenses.. LOL

well, I’m so happy!! because my family weren’t here and I thought I’ll be lonely on my birthday night..

yeah I just realized that I already have a family in here! wohoooo Maba ElITS 2011 I love them!!

aaaa but, it’s not the end mabrosis..

on my birthday my father came.. hihi, he wants to accompany me to see the docter (there’s a fuckin animal which bites me, and my right’s hand got swollen)

and.. I’m curious a little bit.. because I’m pretty sure that my mom would come here.. but she’s not

but.. my father gesture gave such a suspicious feeling..

and…. taraaaaaaaaaaaa when he ask me to go to a restaurant.. there are my mom, and all of my sister come along with my sister-in-law… aaa and my niece plus my nephew come too!!

aaaaaaaa this is absolutely perfect.. when my 17th birthday it’s not as spectacular as this!!

yeah.. I’m celebrating my birthday in here.. and this is my first since I was nine! I’m so exited!!

and there are some pictures that I took yesterday!

ini yang foto ama azwar ampe kata edward udah kayak foto pra-wedding.. wkakaka

mimiiilll ❤

sama bonyuuuuuuuuu ({})

I’ll continue it to next post 😉

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