my world (atashi no sekai)

what if..


actually i have to finish my homework. but i’m sort of drowning in the laziness ocean..

recently i’ve been working on a new project. what project? i love to write a novel. and now i got a new story. so i’ve been working on it. when i working, i thought about my past. and thought about you. and many possibilities that i have.

almost a year. it’s almost a year since the first time we met. and i fallen in love with you.

it’s totally coincidence.

what if i put a different answer for that questioner? maybe i won’t get a chance to know you.

what if you wasn’t there at that time? maybe i won’t like you as much as i like you now.

what if, you’re in the same path as me. maybe i will avoid you.

okay, that’s a brief story. maybe I’ll post a long story later.   bye!

ah ya, for someone out there thank you for accompanying me tonight 🙂


ah yaaaaaaa!!!

happy birthday my beloved friends.. Citunggg!! love you cit! as long as you eat seaweed regularly, you’ll be fine 🙂 LOL


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