my world (atashi no sekai)

22,23,24 March 2013


quotes for today “it was a long day, and i’m very happy”

23 march 2013 i had an exam for REA. so i was studying the subject in my room with my friends, ayla and maria. we’re studying till morning. and after exam i and other girls went to eastcost to get some lunch. me and ayla ordered sushi, and it took soooooo much time to make. so while we were waiting we take a look at toys kingdom. we’ve play around. then we met maria. she was buying a gift for her relative. we were playing with mask and took some photos! haha

20130323_115748 20130323_115815 20130323_115819

i ate sushi, drank a chocolate milkshake

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 1.19.15 PM

big portion ha? actually i ate this with ayla and other girls. after we ate, i have to sent ayla and wiwis back to campus. because they have a job to be handle. after that we pick ayak then went to karaoke! wooohoooo!

we check in for 2 hours. for my very first time i someone else tell me that my voice is good! HAHA! i’m so happy about that ^.^

we sang a lot of songs, but mostly it’s a love song.

that’s around 5 pm, and i sent back my friends to campus. because they’re parked their motorcycle in campus. ayak and septy pray ashar and maghrib, after that we were going to giant to buy some snacks for Ristek’s 2nd gathering. it was fun. i love it! i love UKM robotika, i love the people, it feels like we have the same thought about (almost) anything! we love anime, japanese thing, and still many other things!

the 2nd gathering held until 9pm, my iphone’s battery empty so i have to go back home. i called linda (my Hublu’s friend) and she said that they’re just finished YES summit meeting. and still don’t know where to go. so i ask her to tell me if they’re going somewhere else. i came home, charge my phone, take a bath, and after that  me and ayak ate durian 😀

we bought durian when we were buying snacks at giant. after that me, ayak, septy, and ruli went to penyetan near our house. we walked. we ate and after that back again to our rent house. i checked my phone and there’s a miss called from Linda and some massage from her. she said they were heading to rd. biliton. as soon as i sent back ayak and septy i went to rd. biliton.

i arrived at around 12 am, so it’s 23 of march. they’re kinda confused about what to do. so i said “let’s play truth or dare!” and here we are, playing truth or dare. and as the result they found out about a man that i’m falling in love with. kinda embarrassing though. TT^TT but, it feels like we a little bit know each other more. and become closer to each other. i hope that someday we’ll become a real family 🙂

okay, that’s all! i have to do my PSD’s home work -,- bye!

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