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Bulls Restaurant Review


sorry I can’t keep my promise to post every Friday each week 😦

okay! today I’ll post my review about Bulls Restaurant

This restaurant located at OCAT, so it’s very convenient. all you have to do is take JR Namba, and get off at Namba station. that’s it. you already arrived at OCAT and then just go to 5th floor. super easy to find. img_1218

in this restaurant, you can eat HALAL BEEF!! yes, HALAL BEEF!

they served several kind of menu, if you really love meat, then just order all you can eat shabu-shabu menu. this all you can eat menu you to pay approximately twice as the normal price all you can eat sshabu-shabu at non-halal restaurant. However, that’s the price we have to pay for HALAL meat in Japan. It’s worth it. IT IS WORTH IT!!! you can eat meat as much as you want! LOL. you have 120 minutes. for exact price you may check in this picture below. c460139f-270c-4323-93a5-e53b00a1a468

I almost forgot, you also able to ask for chicken when you ordered all you can eat menu. *but why on earth you ask for chicken meat when you can eat BEEF. YES BEEF!*

if you’re not a big fan of meat, you can order shabu-shabu menu (not the all you can eat one), you can refill the side dishes tho (rice, ramen, vegetables, etc).

they also have steak set and oyako don! I think next time I’ll try steak set haha.

when I pay at the cashier, he asked me where I lived (he’s kinda cool tho LOL) and I said near here. He informed me that they just build musholla at the 3rd floor, so whenever you come to Bulls Restaurant and need place to Shalat just ask them. They’ll be gladly to escort you to the newly build musholla 😀

as for me, I ate 3 plates of these beef! NYAM!!!


okay this is my score for Bulls Restaurant

Taste => sukiyaki 7/10 (too sweet for my tastebuds);

the clear soup (I have no idea its name XD) 9/10

Ambience: 8/10

Food presentation: 10/10 (I’m a huge fan of beef, LOL)

Price: 8/10

see you next time!


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