Halal Food JAPAN Prayer Space

Bulls Restaurant’s Musholla

This time I ordered Steak Set, and also been using their prayer room!

After I took JLPT, me and my friends went to Bulls. Just like I said before, this time we ordered Steak Set with unlimited rice and salad refill. It cost us 2000¥ (before tax).

we’re so hungry at that time, so we have no time to take a picture of it and go straight to eat. btw, sorry for the blur picture, I got it from my friend.

Because of this condition, I asked for salad twice and a bowl of rice 3 times. LOL.

the remaining beef left before I asked for another rice refill
All of those refill salad and rice bowl haha

Before we ate, we’re going to their Musholla at 3rd floor. I’ll show you the access.

If you’re going to to the 3rd floor by escalator, turn left, and you’ll see a green liquor store. While you’re facing the liquor store, turn right. img_6956 In the picture above you’ll see the red circle, the musholla is located there. It has sliding door, so do not push nor pull the door haha.


You have to do your wudhu in the public toilet across the musholla. Don’t worry because they provide you a sandal to be use while wudhu.



since it’s public toilet please do behave while do your wudhu. Do not splash too much.


They also provide you with mukena inside this drawer, and several information flyer on top of drawer.

Okay, that’s my post for today. See you soon!

nb: if you have any request/question/advice please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment. thanks!


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