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NEWZEE Halal Beef Unboxing

Hello! Happy Ramadan for all Muslim around the world! May Allah receive our fasting and prayer 🙂

Okay, this time I’ll write my review on NEWZEE. As you can see on the title, NewZee is a New Zealand based company that selling halal certified beef and lamb products.

At first I have no idea what NewZee is. There’s one day that I’ve been randomly searching for halal beef in Amazon. Usually I searched Halal beef with ハラール牛肉 (hara-ru gyuuniku) keyword. However, that day I changed the keyword into Halal Beef. For the first time in my life I see NewZee product! (okay that’s a little bit exaggerating tho haha). Well, tbh I’m a little bit shocked. Why? Because why on earth that I haven’t ever heard about this NewZee thing. From my opinion their pricing are reasonable enough if you compare it to others. Usually halal beef that being sold in Amazon is Kobe beef, which is super duper expensive. So, I’m very exited when I learn about this NewZee beef.

Actually, you can order NewZee product directly from their web here. However, since I didn’t have any credit card I choose to order their product from Amazon, so I can pay it by Amazon gift card.

You have to keep it in your mind, that this product is a frozen food so you have to stay at home when the shipping came and put it immediately in your freezer. Because of this reason, I ordered their product with scheduled shipping, it will cost you extra but it’s worth it. I received their product just one day after I placed my order.

This time I ordered hamburger patties, it’s the cheapest beef product they have haha. This patties are already seasoned. According to their ingredients information I think it’s safe for muslim (since their lamb and beef product is halal certified, I just check their seasoning ingredients for patty).

so here’s the picture of my order..


I’m so exited when I saw this and ready to open it!


TADA!!!! here’s what their product look like. I really like it, because as you can see their packaging were so neat and look very professional.


At first I’m a little bit confused, because I just order hamburger patties, so why the also put lamb chops in my order package? do I have to report it and send it back?


It turns out that the lamb chop is the compliment for me. It’s a gift when you order from them for the first time. Thank God I order the cheapest one haha


There it’s, it’s the “welcome” letter including the explanation.

To be honest I haven’t use their product, so this review only from their services. So far I’m very satisfied and impressed by their service. Sure I’ll order from them again!!

you can buy their product from Amazon Japan or directly from NewZee Website

that’s all from my review this time! see you soon!

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