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Playing with The Cardboards

Since I live in Japan, I love to buy things via the internet and they’ll deliver it to my house.


As a result, I have too many cardboards in my house haha.


So, recently I’ve been using those cardboards for various use. At first, I use it (without any modification) as a table. If I use all the cardboards just the way it’s, of course, it’ll make my room messier (even though now my room condition is already super messy). So, yesterday I decided to make mini drawer from those cardboards.

For this project, I use:

  • 2 cardboards size 45 x 22 x 35
  • Glue gun (a lot)
  • double tape
  • glue
  • 1 pet bottle (any size)
  • Nonslip mat
  • cutter and scissor

First, make the drawer inner (?) sorry I don’t know how to say it in English, so if you don’t understand what I’m talking about just refer to the picture below.



In this post, I won’t show you the whole step-by-step picture. It’s super easy, it was popped into my head spontaneously. Therefore, I think you’ll understand it even without the whole step-by-step picture.

You can do it with your own preferable size. I use the head of the pet bottle and attach it with a glue gun to the cupboard surface. I use it as the drawer handle.

After I finished the drawer inner, I’m working on the drawer body frame. It’s super simple, I just give a little space like one or two mm. I cut it according to the inner size and finally, insert the inner.

After I finished with the first drawer, I attached the other cupboard. It’s not necessary to cut the second drawer, but you can if you want (just like in the picture below.).


TADAAAAA it’s finished!!

I have to warn you about the glue gun. You have to use it carefully, or you’ll end up having burning scars (just like me, it hurts).

For your information, this drawer is not that strong, but you should be able to use it as a coffee table. That’s why I also put the nonslip mat on the top of it.

I hope this post could be any use!

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