My First Speech Contest


Today, I’ll share about my first experience participating in Japanese Speech Contest.

It all began during Ramadan this year. So, I met this girl, her name is Angga while break fasting in a Mosque. Apparently, she was one of I-Seifu student, which is my current school right now. She asked me whether I want to participate in a speech contest or not. She said that I’ll get participation money. Yeah, at first I only aim for the money, but as the day of contest come closer I do some practice, also got my speech checked by my homeroom teacher at school.

Well, I worked really hard for this. Just for 2 days tho hahaha. I know I did not deserve to win, but I still hope to win tho (since the winner will get 50.000¥) hahahaha.

As I saw the other contestant’s speech, I amazed and become a little bit embarrassed. Why? Because everyone prepared their speech, and through a lot more practice than me. And here I am hoping to win?!

Yeah, by the end of the day I did not win tho, but I do get the participation money hahaha. Of course not just that, it doesn’t like you got the chance to do a speech in front of people (especially in Japanese) every day! It’s a rare experience, and I feel really grateful about this. Do I want to participate in any other speech contest? Hell yeah, I will! hahaha.

To my homeroom teacher thank you to both of you that checked and checked my speech, also Kitagawa sensei that come to see me doing my speech. I’m sorry I did not win this time, but I want to participate in other speech contest!

I’ll show you my speech, it was recorded by my homeroom teacher, Kitagawa sensei. It’s not all of it tho.

I also made some new friends! Kan Sai Bai from China (the first winner!), Yun from South Korea (The Second winner), Marina from Brazil (special prize winner), Fio from Italy, and the last but not least Anita from Indonesia.

Everyone’s Japanese is so good. I know it sounds like I made an excuse, but their Japanese is really good! As Indonesian says “Saya mah apa atuh cuma remahan biskuit malkis” hahaha.

After the speech and before the announcement, we saw a performance of Mandolin from Doshisha University, and a Street dance (sorry I forgot where they’re come from).


After the announcement, we took a photo together with the juries. img_7465

We’re also taking a picture of us, but sadly Marina was changing her outfit that time. img_7309


We’re also taking a picture of us, but sadly Marina was changing her outfit that time.

From Left to Right: Yun, Fio, Anita, Kan Sai, Me!
With Fio from Italy!

After that, we also have cultural exchange (mini) party. Here, I’ll show you the pictures!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All of us, the contestant, we’re going to Hamadera Park afterward!

I’ll write a review of Hamadera Park later, see ya!

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