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Enjoy Japan Like Locals: Hamadera Park (Sakai)

Hello! Just like what I’ve promised, I’ll do the review about Hamadera Koen.

How to go to Hamadera Park:

  1. You can take chinchin densha, it’s a tram. You’ll just have to pay 210¥. The thing is, the chinchin densha go really slow. So you have to be patient. It’s the cheapest tho.
  2. You can take Nankai line, you might want to take the express train, and change to the local line at Sakai Station.
Rose Garden

In this park, you can find various facilities. Like Rose garden, flower garden, pool, rest house, and restaurant. For your information, flower garden, rest house, restaurant, and pool have its own open hours.

When I went there, those are already close. Therefore, I’m going straight to the bay area.


It really is a nice place to spend the evening. I suggest you to bring food and drink, so you can do a picnic alike trip. It’s summer, so of course, it’s hot. So going to the beach might be the first thing that occurs in your head, however going to the beach in Osaka area it’s a little bit far. As for me I just want to enjoy the wind, however, if you do want to swim in the sea, well you have no choice to go to the real beach haha. Well, in this park they do have pool, but don’t forget to check its open hours.

I guess this park it’s the best choice to experience “summer vibe” if you’re living around Osaka City area.

Well, see you tomorrow!

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