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Unboxing: Ricoh Theta SC – 360 Camera

Hello guys!

Yeah you know, that I’ve been wanting to buy 360 cameras since forever.

Yup, finally I bought it! I choose Ricoh Theta SC since it has a great review on Amazon Japan. If you need the link, here it is the link.

So, when I received the package I really excited!

The box!

Let’s go check inside the box!


Inside the box, you’ll get the manual book, the 360 camera, a USB cable, and a 360 camera case.


With this camera, you can take a photosphere (360 degrees photo) or even record a 360 degrees video! You’re also able to put this camera on a tripod!

For your information, this camera has a limitation when it comes to recording a video. Each video has a maximum length of 5 minutes. You won’t need a memory card, because this camera comes with 8GB internal memory.

You can take a picture or record a video on its own, or you can install their application on your smartphone and connect your phone and the camera through wifi.


Actually, Ricoh Theta has a lot of application for their product. I’m using these two on my phone. The Theta S is the multi purpose application, it connects the camera and the phone, so you can see what scenery you take a picture of. After that, you’ll get the copy of the photos on your phone. img_7788

Cam images content the photos that the camera save. As for Shooting it will show you what the camera lenses capture. You can take a picture using the button on the camera, or using this app. To be honest, I think you only need this app. Because the other app only let you edit the video file, while this app also has the ability to edit the video file.

At first, I’m a little bit disappointed about the picture. After took several pictures I realized that this camera really needs a good lighting to get a nice picture as a result.

One suggestion for me, if you want to use the picture to make a tiny planet, it’s better to take a picture where it has a vast sky. Also, if you do not like reveal yourself in the picture, you have to use a tripod and connect the camera to your phone and hide somewhere haha. Please take a look at my 360 degrees picture in this album.

These are the tiny planet that I’ve made from the photosphere! See my problem? yeah, I appeared in the photos, and it bothers me! haha.


you’re also able to make the tiny planet video!

That’s all my review this time, see you tomorrow!



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