Enjoy Like Locals: Summer Festival (Natsu Matsuri)


As you know, right now in Japan is summer already. In Japan, they have several events to celebrate summer. If you live in Japan, you’ll find a lot of Local Summer Festival. What I mean by Local Summer Festival is, it’s held in the residential area.

Last Monday I was invited by Rika-san, to come to her home and enjoy the summer festival near her house. You know what, it wasn’t just near her house, it’s literally in front of her house! In that neighborhood mostly they take out the chair and sit in front of their home and enjoy the festival.

Maybe you won’t see any fireworks attraction in the Local Summer Festival, but you can feel the Japanese culture here. What impressed me the most is, how people get together and they can easily say to their passing neighbor “come here, sit, and let’s have a drink together”. I mean, it’s Osaka you know. One of the largest and busiest cities in Japan. From where I came from, Jakarta – Indonesia, I didn’t know who my neighbor is! People just too busy to get to know their neighbors! That’s why when I saw this, I’m a little bit shocked and amazed by this.

If you love anime, of course you knew that on summer festival the girls will wear yukata. Yes, they are (most of them) wore a yukata! They’re so cute! When I went to the summer festival, it felt like I was in the manga or anime. Yeah, you know what I meant.

It’s so magical (for me). They also have all the game just like in the anime or manga! Due to my wallet condition, I can’t try the games tho. I have the money (not much), but it just I don’t have the heart to spend my money on playing those games 😦

Okay, these are some pictures from summer festival, enjoy!


While in the festival I recorded a video, and with a little editing here’s the Summer Festival Video. Backsound were played by Doshisha University’s Mandolin Club.

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