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New Stuff That I found at Gyomu Supermarket


As you know that I recently took the TOEIC L&R Test, the test was held at Izumi City. I was about to going back home, then I found Gyomu Supa! As you may know, Gyomu Supa sells a lot of Halal food, from Halal chicken meat to potato chips. However, Izumi’s Gyomu Supa offer you more than the usual stuff!

Okay, let me show you the picture!


I’m amazed by this! I mean it’s a whole cake and also Halal certified! How cool is that?! On the box, it’s written that you’ll get 12 pieces. At that time I do really want to buy this, but… I don’t have money :”D It’ll cost you 1280¥ before tax (1382.40¥). It’s not that expensive for a whole cake, but I don’t have money, so yeah… haha


Another Halal cake! Moreover, it’s CHEESE CAKE! I’ll say one more time, IT IS A WHOLE HALAL CERTIFIED NEW YORK CHEESE CAKE! I don’t know whether they sell it in all Gyomu Supa branch or not, but I’ll check! It’ll cost you even more expensive than the previous one 😦 it’s 1480¥ before tax (1598.40¥ after tax).


The next one is Frozen Chicken. What makes this so different from the usual one? Well, it has the bone! haha. I really miss having my chicken with a bone in it. It also allows you to make a delicious chicken broth! It will cost you 498¥ before tax for a bag of 1Kg frozen chicken. It has thigh cut, so I bet it is yummy!


Who doesn’t love a chocolate sandwich? I think everyone loves a pack of chocolate sandwich! Moreover, it has Halal mark on it! Well, tbh I didn’t know how it tastes. Since I didn’t buy it hahaha.

Hopefully, you’ll find this post useful. See ya!

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