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Flying With Cathay Pacific 

Hello, guys! This time I’ll share about my first experience flying with Cathay Pacific airline.
Around February this year, I was planning my summer vacation. I decided to go back to Indonesia. At that time I began to look for a cheap flights ticket. Then, I found that if we put aside the LCC, Cathay Pacific offers the cheapest round flight ticket.
At first, I didn’t plan to spend my time in Hong Kong. However, knowing that I’ll have to transit in Hong Kong anyway, I decided to spend 3 days in Hong Kong.
So here’s my itinerary,
KIX-HGK 3/08/17
HGK-CGK 5/08/17
CGK-KIX (via Hong Kong) 19/08/17

All those tickets only cost me around 60.000¥
I’m a little bit surprised, and happy at the same time hahaha. Since I don’t have any credit card with me, I bought the ticket with cash at the Cathay Pacific’s KIX Ticketing Office. When I bought the ticket, I make a special request for my meal. I request for Halal Food. Yes, they do serve Halal food. However, you have to make an arrangement in advance. There’s no additional cost to this request.

My first flight in on 3rd August at 9.20am. Since it’s a morning flight I’ve been thinking to spend the night at the airport. However, I have another thing to be done so I leave my house to go to the airport in 3rd August at around 4.45am. I brought a lot of stuff, so yeah it takes awhile for me to walk from my house to the nearest station. Well, I arrived at the airport at 7 am.

From Cathay Pacific check-in desk to the boarding gate, you have to take a train. Therefore, if you’re using Cathay Pacific I suggest you spare time to go to the boarding gate. From Osaka to Hong Kong, it’s 4 hours ride. Well, don’t worry since this airline has an entertainment in-flight. During the flight, I watched The Fate of The Furious. It was a pleasant experience to fly with Cathay Pacific.

So, if you’re looking for a cheap full-service airplane ticket, I suggest you to fly with Cathay Pacific! Here’s I make a summary of pros and cons about Cathay Pacific based on my experience.


  1. Full service (the price include meal, baggage, in-flight entertainment)
  2. You’ll get 30kg check-in baggage
  3. Halal food available


  1. You have to wait for a while to collect your check-in baggage


Okay, here’s a photo and a video of my Halal meal! Well, I got my meal first before the other! haha


However, this you won’t get any dessert 😦 the other got Ice cream 😦

Okay then, see you on the next post!


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