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One Fine Day in Macau 


This time I’ll share with you about my trip to Macau. I went to Macau from Hong Kong via Ferry Harbour near Sheung Wan MTR Station. Click here for the harbor position on Google Maps.  I went to the harbor early in the morning, and have to collect my ferry round trip ticket before I could go to Macau.

Well, I want to share about my unpleasant experience with you. I bought the ferry round trip ticket (Hong Kong – Macau) via Klook. Well, it is my fault. Because I didn’t read the term and condition part in the voucher. I went to the harbor early morning because I want to spend a whole day in Macau. I arrived at the harbor around 8 am, just to find out that I’m not able to get my voucher because the office hasn’t opened yet. img_8252.jpg

So, I have to wait until 9 am to get my ferry ticket. At first, they gave me my Hong Kong – Macau ticket, and then they told me to wait and then gave me the return ticket. My problem is, I’m planning to stay in Macau as late as I can. However, the return ticket they gave me is a fixed ticket at 8 pm. I didn’t say anything because I’m not in the mood, so I just go with it. Yeah I know it’s all my fault, but a little bit advice to those who want to buy a ferry ticket online, first, make sure you read all the term and condition. Second, I suggest you to buy your ticket at the harbor (on the spot). You’re still able to use visa/master card anyway. They’re also able to speak English, so yeah I think you’ll be just fine. If you buy the ticket on the spot you’ll have more flexible time, so you don’t have to rush to catch your ferry.

From Hong Kong to Macau (vice Versa) it will take approximately 1 hour. I went from Hong Kong around 9.15 am, so, I get to Macau around 10 am.

At the Macau Ferry Harbor, I got my passport copied and been asked a few questions in the office. After finished with the immigration stuff, I went to my first stop by walking.

My first stop is Macau Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s only 5 to 10 minutes walk from the harbor. Click here for the location on Google Maps. It’s an instagrammable spot, and it’s free!

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My second stop is Macao Science Center. I also went there by foot. There are plenty of instagrammable spots when I walk to the Macao Science Center.

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Okay, please click here for Macao Science Center location on Google Maps, and please click here for Macao Science Center details on My opinion to this place is, it’s a great place to take your children with.

Since I already bought my ticket in advance, I just have to exchange my voucher into entrance ticket without having to pay any more. Well, I did have to queue tho haha. So, in my opinion, whether you already have a voucher or not you still have to queue anyway. Oh ya, in my opinion, you don’t have to change your currency from HKD to MTO (Macau currency), because in Macau they do accept HKD. Usually, they have 1 HKD = 1MTO rate. Well, you do need MTO for public transportation tho. Just go to the atm and get your MTO there.

Okay, let’s continue my journey. My third stop is The Venetian Macao. Nope, I didn’t book a room there haha. I just bought a voucher for gondola ride there. Click here for The Venetian Macao location on Google Maps, and please click here for the Gondola ride details on

Macau only have bus as public transportation, and you have to pay in cash and in exact amount because they wont gave you any change. In the bus stop, you won’t be able to find the exact bus schedule. In the bus stop you’ll find the bus route and its interval and also the buses fares. When you already in the bus, it’s better if you monitor the bus by keep your eye on Maps application on your phone, so you’ll be able to know when you have to get off the bus. The good thing is, they provide you free Wifi on the bus!

The Venetian Macao it’s a great place if you do have the money I think you should try to stay at their hotel at least once in your life.

They do have a halal restaurant there, but it’s too expensive for me, so I didn’t have a chance to eat there. However, if you do want to try it (it’s a Michelin star restaurant), click here to open the restaurant details.

Then, I went to the bus stop because I have to go to Macau Tower since I already bought the entrance ticket. For your information, the buses fares in Macau were from MTO3 to around MTO7, so make sure you have the exact amount or you’ll, like me, keep paying more haha.

My last stop is the Macau Tower, click here for the Macau Tower location on Google Maps, and please click here for the Macau Tower entrance ticket details on

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Actually you’re also able to do bungee jumping and such, however, it’ll cost you an additional cost. Since I don’t have money, therefore, I just saw the other customer did it. img_8471

Okay, that’s all from my Macau trip. See you later!

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