Halal Food & Prayer Space JAPAN

LAOX-Daimaru’s(Shinsaibashi-Osaka) Halal Corner and Prayer Space Review 

Hello everyone! It’s been a mont isn’t it?

As usual I’ve been so busy and have a difficulties scheduling my time.

Okay then! This time I’ll write about Halal Corner and Prayer Space at LAOX-Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

I’ll go with Prayer space first. Unlike the prayer space in Namba City, somehow only a few people knew about this prayer space. It’s located in Shinsaibashi, so it’s very convenient since it’s located in the heart of Osaka’s shopping arcade. It’s located at Daimaru’s South building, 7th floor. Well, to be honest I’m a little bit confused about the buildings name haha. 

The Prayer space located near the toilet, so you don’t have to worry about Wudhu.

Since it’s located in 7th floor, there aren’t many people come. So you can have your wudhu in peace. Although please do mind your manner by not splashing around too much haha.

When you’re using the prayer room, don’t forget to slide the mark on the door to “Occupied”.

They provide you with sandals for wudhu, and mukena/rukuh. So you don’t have to worry. And, again, since there aren’t many people come here, you can do your prayer peacefully. Although, please do not misuse the room for other purpose.

Okay, now let’s go to LAOX’s halal corner. Inside the prayer room, you’ll find the sign telling that Halal Corner is located at 8th floor. However, the truth is The Halal Corner is located at 6th floor right in front of the elevator. So, if you’re going by elevator, you’ll see the Halal Corner right away.

I said “Halal Corner” so many times, tbh it’s not a corner. It just a small showcase dedicated for Halal product. Nevertheless, I feel grateful to found halal snacks and souvenirs in LAOX.

Okay, let’s see what LAOX has for us~

Please pardon the video resulution and view orientation. Hahaha.

I bought some of Halal snacks, and planning to write the review once I tried them all haha.

It cost me around 3200¥ tho 😭

See ya, until next time 🙂

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