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Stuff That I Found at Gyomu Review: Halal Instant Cup Ramen


As you may know already, I love Gyomu Supa haha. Gyomu is supermarket’s name in Japan that sell various halal food. Recently I found several halal foods that I find interesting. InsyaAllah I’ll write each product review here.

Okay, this time I’ll write about iMee Halal instant cup ramen. Actually, they’ve been selling halal instant ramen for a long time. However, this is my first time seeing halal instant cup ramen in Japan haha. That’s why I find it interesting and got excited about it haha.

Just like any other cup ramen, it’s quite cheap. It cost 100¥ (before tax).

Please pardon my dirty nails haha. Well, at Gyomu Supa near my apartment they only have 2 flavors. This Tom Yum Shrimp flavor and Green Curry flavor (if I’m not mistaken haha).

Just like any other cup ramen, it comes with a fork haha. The dried vegetables already get mixed with the noodle. In the individual pack, it has the chili paste and tom yum flavor’s powder.

It’s very tom yum, which is good haha. However, I find it too sour haha. Adding tobasco would be a good idea I think.

I give this cup ramen 7.5/10 for the score.

See you next time! Thank you for reading till the end 🙂

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