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Japan’s Halal Souvenir Review: Fried Rice Cracker

Hello again! Thank you for checking out my blog! 

This time I’ll write a review about Halal snacks that I got from LAOX the other day. 

Fried rice cracker! They have several flavors and packages. The one I bought cost me 1080¥ (incl tax). 

This box consist of 3 flavors. Red Pepper, Seaweed, and Wasabi. They also have Matcha (green tea) flavor, but it’s not included in this package. 

To be honest I don’t like wasabi (tbh, it’s more like I hate wasabi). I bought this pack because I want to try all the flavors and write this post 😂😂😂

Okay, let’s start the review! 

Well, since I’m not a fan of wasabi to begin with… it taste… very wasabi. Which is great if you’re a wasabi lover haha. You can feel the wasabi hit your nose as well. You have to try this and challange yourself! Hahaha. In my case, I don’t think I’m able to eat this one pack all by myself  😂😂😂

To be honest I can’t clearly decide whis was my favourite. I think this one is my favorite (I already ate this one pack all by myself haha). It taste not that spicy, it’s remind me of Kripik singkong balado from Padang, Indonesia. 


Yeay! Seaweed! Who doesn’t love seaweed? Haha. I think it’s the best for everyone. Why? Because everyone able to eat this! The 2 previous flavors are spicy, and  I think it’s not suitable for kids. As for this flavor, since it’s not spicy at all, I think it suits for everybody. 

They also have other packages.

The price is 1080¥ (incl. tax). I think it’s very suitable for souvenirs. In Indonesia we have a tradition (well not a good one in my opinion haha), that we have to gift everyone (yup everyone that knew about the abroad trip) souvenirs. 

  First of all, I’m sorry for the blur image hehe. They also have the individual pack for each flavors. It will cost you 600¥ (before tax). 

If you got the chance to come to Japan, make sure to try this! Oh ya, it’s not only Halal, it’s also suitable for vegetarian! 

Thank you for reading! Until next time 


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