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Stuff That I Found at Gyomu Review: Instant Chicken Karage


As you may know already, I love Gyomu Supa haha. Gyomu is supermarket’s name in Japan that sell various halal food. Recently I found several halal foods that I find interesting. InsyaAllah I’ll write each product review here.

Okay, this time I’ll write about Instant Chicken Karage. Actually, they’ve been selling halal instant chicken karage for quite a long time. As far as I knew, they have 2 variations of instant chicken karage. I usually buy the one from Seara. The same brand that sells frozen halal chicken thigh. This time, I bought the other one. I’m not really sure what’s the brand because it’s not written on the packaging. It’s written as ハラール鶏もも唐揚げ(Halal Chicken Thigh Karage).

Price: 598¥ (before tax) for 1KG

Apparently, they have its website written on the packaging. You can click here to open their webpage. This product is actually made by Gyomu. They also have dedicated webpage for Halal Products and it’s written in English. You can click here to open the English-Halal Products webpage.

Okay, let’s get started! According to the packaging instruction, you have to fry the karage in 170-celsius oil for 5 minutes. Or, you can use Oven toaster if you have one. In case if you’re using oven toaster(1200W), wrap the karage with aluminum foil and then put in the oven for 10 minutes.

Since I don’t have any oven with me, I guess I have no choice but to fry them then, haha.



Please be careful with the hot oils! It splashes everywhere!


It’s done~ yeay! Let’s taste it!

Hmm… it tasted okay haha. I definitely prefer Seara tho. In my opinion, they use too much batter, and the seasoning a little bit too light for me. However, I think it’s the true taste of Japanese Karage. I mean it’s very typical of Japanese food to have a light seasoning.

If you want to buy it, just buy it tho. Don’t let my opinion restrain you from buying this tho haha.

I give this instant karage 6/10 for the score.

See you next time! Thank you for reading till the end 🙂

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