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Japan’s Halal Souvenir Review: Instant Sekihan

Hello again! Thank you for checking out my blog!

This time I’ll write a review about Halal snacks that I got from LAOX the other day.

Do you guys know what Sekihan is? Sekihan is Japanese traditional dish. it’s made from Japanese short grain rice and adzuki beans (Japanese red bean). From what I know, sekihan usually served on special occasion.

Okay,  let’s check out the instant sekihan!


It cost 340¥each


This product got its halal mark from NAHA

Well, it has the instruction written on the back of the packaging. However, it’s written in Japanese. You shouldn’t put this product in the microwave!

Just like any other Instant meal, it comes with a spoon and also a packaged salt.

Okay! Let me tell you what is written in the instruction.

  1. After you open the package, you have to take out the spoon, packaged salt, and also silica gel from the package.
  2. Add 110 ml water to the package. Inside the package, there is a line to indicate how much water you need to pour in. I suggest you measure the water first since it’s hard to see the line inside the package.
  3. Sealed the package and wait for 20 minutes if you pour in a hot boiling water, or 60 minutes if you’re using a room temperature water (15 degrees Celcius).
It’s done~


As you can see in the picture above, there’s not much difference between the picture and the real one!

As you may already know, Japanese short grain is sticky. It’s very similar to “Nasi Ketan” in Indonesia. Since my tastebud prefers this kind of sticky food to be sweet, I add some milk and sugar.


As a result? It’s super delicious!! I like it so much! It tastes just like “Ketan Manis” in Indonesia. However, I apologize to whomever that feel insulted by my act adding milk to the Sekihan.

See you later in my next post! 😊😊😊

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