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Stuff That I Found at Osaka Masjid’s Halal Store: Cheese Spring Rolls

Assalamualaikum, Hello!

This time, I’ll write about the food that I bought from Halal Store at Osaka Masjid. Please click here for Osaka Masjid’s direction. The Halal Store located in 1st floor. They sell various thing from Halal meat to Halal Instant ramen.

I bought a few things, and this time I’ll write about Cheese Spring Rolls

This product is imported from U.A.E., it consist of 8 spring rolls for each package.

You’re supposed to deep fry it, however, I don’t want to waste my vegetable oil (student life, LOL) so I’m using just a little bit of oil.



Since I’m only using a little bit of oil, I think I kinda failed haha.

img_1136It got burnt a little bit, but it’s not bitter haha.

img_1137It tastes quite good at the first bite. However, when I keep eating it, it’s getting saltier and taste a little bit weird. Then, I just remember that on the package it’s written that they’re using Feta Cheese and Mozzarella Cheese. Tbh, I never ate feta cheese before, so I guess it’s feta cheese that make this spring roll taste weird in my mouth.

Just like what I’ve said in my previous post, it’s just my mere opinion. If you do want to try this product, so go ahead an buy it. Don’t let my opinion restrain you from buying this tho haha.

I give this instant Cheese Spring Roll 5/10 for the score.

See you next time! Thank you for reading till the end 🙂

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