Buying Glasses in Japan


Hello! This time I’ll share my first experience buying a glasses in Japan.

I lost my glasses 😭😭😭

I’ve been using that glasses for 1,5 year. It’s from my favourite brand, Ray-Ban so yeah it’s quite expensive. I think it cost me around JPY 25,000 for that. That’s why when I lost it, I’m a little bit heart broken.

I’m not using my glasses for a while, and I started to have migraine frequently. So, I decided to buy a new one.

At first I want to buy it at Zoff, my senior in office suggest me that. But then, I really need to buy a new one that day so I decided to buy it at J!NS store near my office.

My head is hurting so much at that time so I didn’t take any picture of J!NS store. The price range quite surprise me. It’s from JPY 5,000 to JPY 12,000 if I’m not mistaken.

The great news is, those prices included the lenses. In Indonesia they usually sell separately the frame and the lenses.

They have plenty of frames you can try on. It’s quite stylish tho.

After you choose the frame, tell the shop assistant which you want, and they’ll check the stock.

Since I forgot the last measurement of my glasses, I asked them to measure it. One tip, you have to be able to read Hiragana. Because you have to read Hiragana when they measuring your eyes 😂

I chose my frame, done the test, and after that they’ll check the lenses stock. If they have the lenses that match your measurement, you can wait until the it’s done. It only takes around 30 minutes. In Indonesia I have to wait like for 4 days to get it done. So I’m very delighted to know that I can wait for the glasses until it get done.

After made the payment, they’ll give you a piece of paper that you’ll have to bring in order to pick up you’re glasses.

After waiting, I got my glasses done~

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I add a Blue Light protection to one of my glasses. I bought 2 haha. That blue light protection cost extra JPY 5,000.

These 2 glasses cost me JPY 16,200! It’s even cheaper than my previous glasses! It’s also come with 6 months warranty! Below is how I look with my new glasses 😁


I can’t give you my review yet since I just wore it like 2 days. But, so far so good.

Thank you for reading till the end! See you on the next post!

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