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(late) Review Ganko Houzenji Osaka

Hello! as I promised you all, I will post about Halal food around Osaka. I think I’ll post every Friday night. That is my plan tho haha. Okay!

Ganko is a name of chain restaurant in Japan, they have plenty of branch across Japan. However, if you want to try their halal menu they only served it at Houzenji (Osaka) branch and Sanjyo Honten (Kyoto).

If you do want to try their halal menu, you have to make reservation at leat 3 days in advance. I phoned them and booked in Japanese, so I don’t know if they have english speaker to serve guest in english. for more information, like menu phone number, location, etc you can check it in here.

when you make reservation they will ask how many person you would like to make reservation, what menu a you want to order. So before you make reservation, please do check their menu in the link I mentioned above. I booked for 2 person, me and my sister 😀 I ordered Uji and Gion. FYI Uji is the cheapest menu while Gion is the most expensive one.

Let’s start from Uji menu. I use photo from their link because I forgot to take a picture of it. sorry..


they served miso soup, in case you have no idea what kind of soup in the picture above. from Uji menu I love tempura. especially the sweet potato tempura. in my rank for this menu, after tempura is miso soup. third place is sushi, after that roasted chicken and tofu.


Gion Menu


Gion menu is the most expensive menu among halal food that being served at Ganko. as you can see, it has a lot of food in it. they have zaru soba (cold soba), boiled snow crab, steamed abalone, grilled mackarel, beef suki-shabu, tempura, sushi, and roasted chicken.

Picture above is the real picture I took from last week. not so different from the promotional picture from their website. I ordered this menu to try boiled snow crab, and it is good! I love it! beef suki-shabu were also good!

my review from Ganko halal menu is, their food were a little bit bland. maybe because they have to make it in halal way, so it’s really hard to find the ingredients that’s halal and match the Japanese flavour. It’s expensive, if you do want to try please make reservation. however, if you’re going to Japan on low budget it’s better to try other halal food around Japan that is affordable.


Taste => Uji: 7/10 & Gion: 8/10

Ambience: 8/10

Food presentation: 9/10

Price: 6/10


Please do understand that all of this is pure my own opinion, so there’s a huge possibilities if you have different opinion haha.


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