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Wakayama Trip!

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Actually I was about to write another Halal restaurant review. however, now I think I’ll write about my trip to Wakayama on my winter break in January this year

I love took a picture, so recently I’ve decided to go around Japan and take a picture.

first, I’ll share my itinerary

06.32 am leaving for Wakayama from Tennoji Station with Kishuji Rapid Service train.

07.51 Arrived at Wakayama station, and we switched line to Kisei Line and going to Wakayamashi Station.

We arrived at wakayamashi station, and continue our journey to Wakayama Castle by walking. We use google maps. during our walk we found some cool places so we took a picture there.

we arrived at Wakayama Castle, and it is super large. it’s more like park complex. here I’ll show you the Castle area Mapimg_1871

first, we’re going to nishinomaru-teien garden. it’s a beautiful place. and it’s FREE!!

as you can see, it’s super magical right? well tbh, it’s even more beautiful when you see it with your own eyes.

after taking some pictures me and my friend went to the Castle. it’s free for seeing around or taking picture in front of the Castle.IMG_1889

If you want to go inside the castle you have to pay 410 JPY for adults (as for children usually it’ll charged half price from adults price, but I forgot the exact price).


However, if you’re not speaking Japanese, I’m not recommend you to go inside, because inside of the castle they have an exhibition and explain the castle’s history, etc but ONLY IN JAPANESE. As for me, because I’ve never been going to the inside of the castle, I paid 410 JPY and going inside. Tbh, I feel bored haha. Since I can’t read the Kanjis and not really into History stuff. as far as I could remember you can’t take a picture inside of the castle (exhibiton area). They only let you to take a picture when you’re in the castle’s rooftop. Here’s some photos that I took from the rooftop

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after we finished admiring the beauty of the castle area, we’re moving on to our next destination, Tama densha (Wakayama station). Before we’re going to Wakayama station, we went to the nearest park to perform Dhuhr and Asr prayer.


It’s so quite there, so we can perform our prayer peacefully. we’re walking to Wakayama station from the park. It’s about 2 km I think. When we arrived, Tama Densha (cat themed train) was already there!

You have to buy the ticket first, it’s cheaper to buy one day pass rather than buy round trip ticket from Wakayama St. – Kishi St. (the last stop). So, if you’re planning to see Nitama the station master cat you have to go to Kishi St. It will cost you 800JPY for roundtrip ticket to Kishi st from Wakayama st. whereas it cost you 780 JPY for one day pass. With one day pass, you can ride the themed train all day! you’ll get a card with list of station just like in the picture below

they have several types of the themed train, they also provide the schedule of themed train.

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Inside of the train, you can see a doraemon collection and you can also read a book from their mini library (in Japanese of course). we’re going to the last stop (Kishi st.) to see Nitama the station master cat.

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well, it’s unfortunate for us because the day we went to Kishi st, is the Nitama day off. So we’re only able to see Nitama sleep :”D


there’s 30 minutes interval for each train. so me and my friend decided to walk around the Kishi st area.

since I lived in Osaka, it’s so nice to see this kind of scenery ! free from skyscrapers! actually they have several attractions in the area, however since I’m going there while new years eve  holiday, they closed haha. we’re going back rode the Umeboshi themed train.

we went to Kainan st first before we’re going to Marina City by bus. It will cost you 240JPY for ride from Wakayama st – Kainan st. and 240JPY from Kainan St to Marina city by bus. They have 3 main spots in Marina City. Kurosiho Market, Puerto Europe, and Kinokuni Fruits Village. For more details you can check it here (english).


In Kuroshio Market, they sell a lot of food! mostly fresh seafood but they also serve meat for BBQ. They provide you the BBQ area, so it’s so convenient! I don’t know whether it’s halal or not, so I didn’t eat any of BBQ food at Kuroshio Market.

Kikoni Fruits Village offer you a great deal of bargain! it’s super cheap when it comes to overripe fruit, but it’s still edible.

Puerto Europe is a super great photo spot! and the admission is FREE!! you have to pay only if you want to ride the attraction!

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OKAY! that’s it, my one day trip to Wakayama. If you’re wondering why I didn’t post anything about food, it’s not because we’re not having lunch or dinner, we did have luch and dinner, but we bring our own food from home since I didn’t found any halal restaurant in Wakayama.

sorry for the long post and also a lot of grammatically error in this post haha. you can check it here for Bahasa Indonesia version.

see you soon, and have a nice Ramadan!


  1. Salam,

    I would like to know from Kainan station or Wakayama Station if we take bus to Marina City we need pay by cash or any pass?

    1. Sorry for my late respond. At that time I’m using cash. I’m not paying attention whether they have a IC card facilities or nor. Therefore I suggest you to prepare cash in advance 😊

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