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Let’s Go to Expocity!

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What’s the first thing that popped in your head when you’re heard the word “Osaka”? Dotonburi? Umeda? Have you ever heard about Expocity in Osaka Prefecture? Yeah, Expocity is not located in Osaka City, it’s located in Oita City, Osaka Prefecture.

To reach Expocity, you have to take Osaka Monorail and get off at Bampaku-kinen-koen Station. As for me it was very exciting because it’s my first time riding a Monorail.


The scenery from the inside were also fantastic! You have to try Osaka Monorail once you visit Osaka!


I recommend you to go in the morning, because it takes approximately 1 hour to reach this place from Osaka City.


Welcome to Expocity, where they have everything, YES EVERYTHING. When you arrived, you’ll see Nifrel the Aquazoo on the left side, and Anipo the amusement park on the right side. Moreover, don’t forget about the fact that Expocity also have Ferris wheel! If you come in the morning, you’ll have the chance to try all the attractions in here! Well, it’ll cost you (quite) a lot to try all the attractions. However, if you’re on a tight budget (just like me) you can just wonder around and take a lot of pictures!


In here, they have a lot of Instagrammable spot to take a picture, just like this huge Gundam statues. Just a cross from this statues, you’ll see Pokemon ExpoGYM where they sell a lot of cute Pokemon Merchandise.


Feel hungry? Don’t worry! Expocity got you covered. In here they have a Halal certified Soba restaurant called Sojibo. As for the price it’s very reasonable I think.

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When it’s crowded, make sure that you pick the queue number and they’ll call your number when the time comes.

This set menu cost us around 1000¥/set. of course it’s delicious! I want to go there again someday haha.

When the prayer time comes, you don’t have to worry because in Expocity they also provide you with Prayer Space. First, you have to go to the Information Center near the escalator. They’ll give you a map and password for unlock the Prayer room door.


It’s near Tsutaya, so you should find it easily. After you find the door just follow the direction that you got from Information Center.

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For your information, they don’t have mukena/abaya and prayer mat. So if you can’t pray without those, please bring those on your own. If you’re planning for shopping spree, they also have a lot of store with various brands in here.

Prayer space, checked.

Halal restaurant, checked.

So, what are you waiting for? Come here spend one fine day at Expocity without any worries!

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