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Arashiyama One Day Trip!

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Hello, guys! Today I will share about my experience going to Arashiyama. As you may know, Arashiyama is one of the famous attraction in Kyoto. Arashiyama is well known for its bamboo forest. However, Arashiyama is more than that.

Okay, as usual, I’ll tell you about the access. If you don’t want any hassle from switching train line, etc maybe you should try riding the subway. Well, actually you should change line once if you’re taking the subway. However, as far as I knew the other plan need you switch line more than once. You can take Sakaisuji Line subway (the brown colored line) to get to Arashiyama. Make sure that you take Sakaisuji Line Subway that bound for Kawaramachi. I take Subway from Doubutsuen-mae Station, and sit for quite a while. Since I’m going Arashiyama, I have to switch line once at Katsura Station. You have to switch train that is bound for Arashiyama. Arashiyama is the last stop, so you don’t have to worry. Below I attach the picture of Osaka Subway Route Map (I get it from Google)

I marked it with red colored line

From Tennoji it takes you approximately 1,5 hour so I suggest you to come as early as you can. If you come around 9 or 10 am, it’s just the same as the other visitors. As a result, you’ll ride a train packed with people, and also while you already arrive at Arashiyama, for example, the bamboo forest area, you won’t have a chance to take a picture with no people in it. I suggest this, purely based on my experience.

I arrived at Hankyuu Arashiyama Station around 10 am, so yeah it’s packed with people. You can find this kind of map of Kyoto in the station.

Attraction Maps in Kyoto

I went to Arashiyama Bamboo Forest by walking. I saw a bicycle rental shop, it will cost you 900¥ to rent a bike. I didn’t know the details since I didn’t rent a bike at that time.  When you arrived at Arashiyama area, you can get this map below.


Before crossing Togetsukyo Bridge, I sat near Oi River and have my breakfast there.

Yes, Banana!!!

After ate my breakfast I crossed the bridge and took some photos.


Welcome to the famous Arashiyama! You’ll see a lot of stores here! You can walk to the bamboo forest, or if you tired you can ride a bus. As for me, I choose to walk. In this area, you’re also able to experience riding a human wagon. It’s expensive tho. If you’re on a tight budget, just like me, you can take a picture with the carrier.

Yeay, finally I arrived at the infamous Arashiyama bamboo forest. Just like what I’ve said before, if you come here around 9 or 10 pm it’s already packed, full with people. I went to Arashiyama during my spring break in February. So, it’s still a little bit cold, and you can see many women wearing a Kimono. Please do watch the video below so you can grasp how being in the bamboo forest feel like


I a little bit shocked as I saw many parents brought their children here and still using a stroller. Even with this kind of kinda off road condition.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? After you passed the bamboo forest, just follow the sign and heading to observatory deck in Kameyama Park. You’ll see a stunning view from there. It’s not easy to reach observatory deck, but hell yeah it’s worth it!

Plese, be careful! It can be slippery when it’s raining. Are you ready to witness the stunning beauty?!


Here you go! It reminds me of Narnia Movies! However, this one is  Real!


They also have benches, so you can sit if you’re not ready yet to continue your journey. You can take the stair to go downstair and walk right beside the river. You can ride the boat or rent the boat if you want. It’ll cost you 1500¥ to rent a boat, with the maximum passenger is 3 peoples. It’ll cost you 3500 if you choose to ride the boat.

It’ll cost you 3000¥ if you want to ride this kind of boat.

I kept walking along the river, and it got me back to the Togetsukyo Bridge.


Boat Parking Lot 😀

If you do have time, please do visit the monkey park. It’s located across the river. I didn’t have time at that time, therefore, I didn’t go to the monkey park. When you go to monkey park, you have to keep several rules for your own safety.


You can easily translate it, via translator app. However, I’ll help you translate it.

  1. Do not approach the monkey.
  2. Do not oppose the monkey/make the monkey your opponent.
  3. Do not make any eye contact with the monkey.
  4. Do not give food to the monkey.

I believe it also has a stunning scenery. img_3531

It really was a nice experience for me to go there. Stunning scenery, Affordable price, since you just have to pay the transportation fee.

I also saw these cute ducks! If you still have any doubt to go to Arashiyama or not, just go! It’s a little bit tiresome tho, but it’s totally worth it!!


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