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Japan Travel Expo for Muslim part 2 (English Version)

Halo guys, just as I promised, I’ll make the part 2 of this post. So here I am.

Well, to be honest, I’m planning to show you the 360 degrees video in here. However, since there is a few problem, please click here to see the 360 videos. It’s a raw video, therefore I apologize for the poor quality in advance.

I arrived at the expo around 5 pm, so I just have one hour before the closing time.

First, I went to Kanauta cake shop, and this Japanese style biscuits booth. They’re giving free samples! As for Kanauta cake shop, I wrote the review in a different post, click here for the review.




I ate the samples and… it tastes so good! It feels like the biscuits were melting in your mouth! if you want to buy their product you can go directly to their link. They also have Bahasa Indonesia version for the explanation section, however, they only have Japanese website for online store. click here for penjelasan dalam Bahasa Indonesia, and click here for their online store.

Matsuri Restaurant and Jin Yakiniku also have their booth at the Expo. Sorry, I can’t give explanation for each booth that participated in Japan Travel for Muslim Expo.

The next one is WaPlus (Kimono and Yukata rental), this shop is based in Nara. You can see the review on Halal Media Japan website here, which was featuring me as the model hahahaha.


They have a special collection of hijab that matches with the yukata/kimono. They also have a lot of accessories for your hijab that is also matched with the kimono/yukata and hijab. 
These 2 pictures below are the example of their products being put on. You can buy the hijab for around 5.000¥ each (you can go to their store directly, I’m not sure about the price range. Click here for their official website)


Across the WaPlus kimono/yukata shop, there is Pagong Booth. If you want to know about this shop, please click here. Their shops are located in Kyoto. They sell a lot of stuff. From T-shirt to suitcase. Everything they sell, has a touched of traditional fabric (similar to kimono fabric, but I don’t know its name). Actually, I went to their workshop and saw how they make the fabric. It’s so complicated and authentic. This brand is internationally known for its quality. Lately, they also producing hijab from the fabric they’ve made. Just like in the picture below.

This picture were taken when I went to their workshop, and got the chance to try their new hijab collection. 

Their hijab collection price range is from 13.000¥. You may say the hijab look just the same like the others, however, once you touch it you can feel the different and how delicate the fabric is. If you want to know their other collection you can click here for their online shop.


Next to WaPlus booth, there is Furyu. Furyu is Private Tour based on the season. As you can see, they also promote Indonesian Product such as the Banana Chip Zanana and the Coffee. Click here for their website.


The pamphlet that I got from the Expo.
Okay, the next one it’s a little bit different and unique. It’s a photo studio that provides you a costume play (cosplay) even for the hijabi! They displayed the Hijabi cosplay set, but sorry I forgot to take a picture of it. So, here is the pamphlet. Surprisingly, it’s located in the heart of Osaka.




For the next one, actually I didn’t go to their booth, while I’m talking with another Indonesian fellow from Furyu, Tanaka san gave me these pamphlets. He’s promoting Setouchi (瀬戸内) City in Okayama Prefecture. He said that right now they have several program to attract tourist to come to Setouchi.


If you see my Instagram post, there was one time when I post about my visit to Kyoto to have discussion with St. Agnes University student. We were discussing about one day trip package that applicable for Muslim. They have booth to presenting their plan. The picture below is my team’s plan! I’m so proud! haha


This booth also has Hijab that’s made from kimono fabric. To be honest, I don’t really know about their product. So, I don’t have much to say. Please take a look at these pictures below. For more information please click here for their official website.


Yeay! That’s all for my blog entry this time! see you tomorrow!

Ps: If there’s something you want to ask, criticize, or I write something wrong please do let me know by contacting me or write it on comment section. Thanks!

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