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Kanauta Kobe-Motomachi Cake Shop

I went to Kobe, FINALLY!!

Actually yesterday I’m planning to go to Awaji Island, but in the middle of my trip, I got a little bit confused because the direction that was given by Google Maps and Navi app was different from the reality.

So I decided to go around Kobe.

This cake shop located directly across the Daimaru Kobe, therefore I suggest you to get off at Motomachi Station (one station after Sannomiya Station).

It’s open at 10.30-20.00, and have a regular day off on Wednesday.

See the Orange shop? That’s it!

Have difficulty locating the shop? Take a look at this 360 photos in this link.

Let’s go inside!


They also serve drinks!

See the inside of the store in 360 degrees by click this link. I bought 1 slice of period limitation cream cake, which was green tea (260¥), soybean milk cream cake (240¥), lemon cream cake (240¥), chocolate cake (240¥),  green tea waffle (140¥), and cookies (350¥).

The Invoice without the soyamilk


Since the day was super hot, so I decided to buy soymilk to go with ice cubes.


They do ask whether do I want or not to add sugar in my soymilk. I answer no. Because in Indonesia usually, the soymilk were already sweet. However, this shop sells an authentic soymilk so it’s a little bit bland and thick.

After that, I went to Meriken Park and ate the cake there.

First, the cake!
The Lemon Cream Cake

It tastes great! It’s a little bit chewy (in a good way), maybe because they’re also using Mochi flour. img_7525

Between the two slices, it filled with lemon cream. So refreshing!

Green Tea Cream Filled Cake!
Soymilk Cream Filled Cake


The Chocolate Cake

The Chocolate Cake is a little bit different, because it doesn’t filled with any cream. It’s fluffy and delicious!


They have several variants of waffle flavors, but I just bought the green tea flavor.


It’s so fluffy, just like the chocolate cake. It’s even better if you eat it with milk I think.


The last but not least, the cookies! They have several types of cookies, but this one is my favorite!

So, don’t forget to come to Kanauta cake shop, while you’re in Kobe!


  1. Cute!!!! I will be in Kobe again this late November !!!! May check it out because I will be staying close by!

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