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Let’s Learn How to Make Halal Japanese Cuisine!

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Do you like cooking? Do you love Japanese Cuisine? Do you ever want to learn how to cook Japanese dish in Halal way?

If YES is your answer for all the question above, you should try taking a cooking class at Washoku Home Cooking! Machiko Sensei will teach you how to cook a Halal Japanese Cuisine from 0! If you don’t have any skill at cooking at all, don’t worry!

I’ve been taking 2 classes at Washoku Home Cooking. For more information please click here for their Official website. They’ve obtained Halal certification from Japan Halal Association! They also have prayer space, so you don’t have to worry.

Machiko Sensei also able to speak English, so if you have zero Japanese language ability, it’s okay!

My first class was, how to make Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki. It’s the most famous food in Osaka, you can find it everywhere! However, mostly they’re not Halal, so it’s better if you learn how to make it and you can cook it by yourself!

First, Machiko Sensei told us how to make dashi (Japanese style fish broth). She also has this katsuobushi maker. Yes, you are able to make your own katsuobushi! However, it takes time and money haha.


The Katsuobushi maker, ready to use katsuobushi, konbu (kelp), and prepared dashi.

First, we make Okonomiyaki. In the picture below is the ingredients.

My okonomiyaki, YEAY!



Pardon my face tho haha

After that we made Takoyaki, but unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it -,-



The second time I took the Japanese Cuisine course called Ichijusansai.  I’m not alone, I’m learning along with other 2 Japanese men. They want to learn about hospitality, so they came to Machiko Sensei’s place to learn.


After that, we learn how to cook by actually cook something.


yeeeeaaay, it’s done! so beautiful isn’t it?


After we finished, we ate together. It’s so much fun!

So if you ever want to learn how to cook Halal Japanese Cuisine, just come to Machiko Sensei’s place! Just open Washoku Home Cooking official website here, or by adding Machiko Sensei’s Facebook here.

Have a nice day, see you tomorrow~



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