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Taking TOEIC L&R Test in Japan

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Hello guys!

So, this time I’ll post something that just happened recently. Yesterday I took TOEIC L&R Test. L&R are standing for Listening and Reading. TOEIC also have Speaking and Writing test, and also Bridge Test. In Japan, you can apply the test via the internet. Click here for the link. For your information, since the test taker is mostly Japanese, from the test application until the day of the test, all the instructions are given in Japanese. Well, they do provide TOEIC’s basic information in English. However, the time you click “Online Registration” they will redirect you to Japanese website.

First, you have to create an account. Just like what I’ve said before, all the instructions are given in Japanese. So, here I am trying to help by showing the screenshot application form from their website. Hopefully, it will help you.

Prepare yourself, because it’s gonna be a long-long post.. (full with screenshot tho haha)


First, decide when do you want to take the test.
Until here they’re still providing information in Englis
Okay, the Japanese website begin… Click the red circled button to creat a new account.
Usual agreement (if you do want to read it just use Google translate instead haha)

Okay, from here you have to fill out form about your personal information.



After finish creating an account, now you’re ready to apply for the test!



You have to make sure that all the information you wrote is right.


You can choose any convenience store, as for me I chose Seven Eleven and got this


You don’t have to print that, you can put it in your phone. Just show it to the cashier, and pay for it. Voila! hahaha

You’ll receive a post card. That post card is your Test Voucher and please do not lose it. You’ll have to attach 3×4 photograph and sign the test voucher. In the test voucher, you’ll find the test site and test schedule.  Make sure to bring the test voucher when you take the test. You should receive it at least 1 week before the test. From my experience, I took the test at 23 of July, and I received the post card at (around) 12 July. If you didn’t receive the test voucher, just contact them. They have service in English.

You’ll find these pamphlets on your desk when you take the test. They’re all written in Japanese. If you don’t understand just ask the exam supervisor. However, you could always use Google Translate tho… haha img_7937img_7936img_7938img_7939

The answer sheet guidance



Hopefully, this post could be any use. See you tomorrow!


  1. Hello ! Thank you for the explanation. I have a question, what ID did you bring at the test? Is the passport okay ? On the IIBC’s site they say “Driver’s license issued in Japan, Student ID issued in Japan, employee ID issued in Japan Passport, individual number card, Basic Resident register card, etc.” and it almost sounds like a foreign passport is not okay ^^’ Thanks again for the informative post 🙂

    1. hello!
      Sorry, I didn’t check comment section frequently.
      I hope everything went well.
      When I took the test, I only used my Residence card (在留カード).

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