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Trip to Hong Kong (Day 1)

Like my previous post, this time I’ll continue to share about my trip to Hong Kong. If you want to read about my experience flying with Cathay Pacific, please click here.

Okay, first I’ll share my itinerary with you.

I arrived in the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) at around 12pm. It’s around 12.45pm when I’m done collecting my luggage and passing the immigration border. I bought all the vouchers in advance via Klook and also booked my hotel (motel to be precise) via I went to Islam food and ride the panoramic tram in day 1. On day 2 I went to Macau and spend a day in there. On day 3, I went to Islamic center and then going back to Jakarta.

Okay! Let’s breakdown the day 1. Like what I’ve said before I already bought all the vouchers via klook, and that’s including a round trip ticket of airport express to Kowloon Station. Actually, you can purchase the ticket at the airport. However, klook offer you a discount. If you already purchase the ticket, just go to the train platform and get on the train. When you get off the train, you have to go to the customer service near the exit gate. You have to show them the voucher and you’ll receive the ticket in a card form. Since I brought a lot of stuff, I chose to take a taxi from the Kowloon station to my hotel. It costs me HKD$68. If you’re not bringing much stuff with you, you can take MRT(Subway) or bus, since it’s much cheaper than take a taxi. I suggest you to buy Octopus card, it can be purchased at the MRT’s customer service in any station. It’ll cost you HKD$150, you’ll get HKD$100 balance in your card, and you’ll get back the HKD$50 when you return the card.

I stayed at Mei Mei motel, it’s located very near to Mong Kok MTR Station. I got the hotel rate at HKD$220/night. I stayed 2 nights so it makes HKD$440 in total. After check in, they’ll ask you HKD$50 for key deposit. They’ll give it back to you when you’re giving them back the room’s key. It’s a little tiny room, but it’s comfortable enough to live in. At that time I’m in my period, so I didn’t have to do my prayer (salat), however, if you do have to do your prayer, I don’t think their single room has enough space for you to do that. Click here to open Mei Mei Motel details at

After getting some rest, I went to Islam Food. Click here to open the location on Google Maps. I went there by bus, and pay all the travel expenses with Octopus Card. img_8173

yeay! I arrived! I saw so many locals eat at that place. So, I think this restaurant not only famous within Muslim community, but also with the locals. I ordered 2 main dish, a bowl of rice, and 1 appetizer. Okay, let’s check the food!

Okay, here’s the appetizer! Sorry I forgot its name, but you’re still able to order it since they have a menu with the picture print on it.


I don’t know how to describe this food except, delicious! It’s so freakin’ damn good! Well, maybe giant beef dumplings (actually I’m not sure what kind of meat they’re using) is the best way to describe this. If you have the chance to eat in this restaurant, don’t forget to order this menu!


It’s scallion beef sauté! Super delicious with tender beef! It came with a large portion, so you can eat it with your friend.


It’s a deep fried tofu sauté (sorry, tbh I forgot its name, but I do remember the taste).

One appetizer, 2 main dishes, 2 bowls of rice (1 to go), that’s all cost me around HKD178. It’s a little bit expensive in my opinion.

After finishing my meal, I went to Cause Bay area to ride the Tramoramic. Tramoramic is a panoramic tram tour throughout Hong Kong main land. It cost me HKD95. Click here to see the details on It’s a great deal I think. You’ll get a free headset, tour map, and tram’s unlimited ride free pass for 2 days.

They do have an explanation in English and several other languages (including, Japanese, and Korean), so you don’t have to worry about that.

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Fyi, I’ve been so busy these days. I need like a week to finish this post haha. I’ll continue my Hong Kong Trip story. See ya later!


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