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My Summer Sweet Escape


Like what I’ve said before, I think I broke my laptop. So it’s one of many reasons why I didn’t post anything to my blog recently. I bought a Bluetooth keyboard so I can write from my iPad comfortably.

Okay! Just like the title, this time I’ll share about my Sweet Escape to Indonesia last August during my summer holiday.

I went to Hong Kong first, and then I went to Indonesia. Please click here to read my Hong Kong trip blog entry. I arrived in Indonesia on 5 August late night. Since I only have 14 days in Indonesia, so I have to do everything I’ve been wanting to do as soon as possible. As you know, I have my 2 sisters. I love them! The first one is my place to ask an honest opinion. Because she’s quite strict and to the point. She’s the calm one. On the other hand, my other sister is the soft one. She will try so hard to give everything I want. She’s more like a friend to me.

So, when I craving for Cimory, I tell my sister and we went to Cimory River side restaurant on 6 August. It took 5 hours to get there, not because of the traffic, but the police applied the contra flow, so they block the road and we have to wait for 4 hours. YES, 4 HOURS!

Our smiling face, because at that time we didn’t know about the blockade -,-
Because we’re waiting for too long, sometimes we get out from the car and buy some food.

We arrived at Cimory around 7 pm.


It doesn’t like the food in here is really-really good, but I just like the ambiance. I’m not saying that their food is bad, no. It’s great but nothing special. This restaurant is more like one stop shopping. They provide you with prayer space, snack+souvenir+chocolate shop, and recently they also open an optic illusion museum in the area. It’s a great place to spend with your family.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I went to Tanjung Lesung in the next day, spent 1 night at Pandeglang and 1 night at Tanjung Lesung Resort. It’s a 5 hours road trip from Jakarta. I’ve been longing to take a road trip. I miss driving (because I can’t drive while in Japan). I booked the hotel from Japan via, I think I’ll write the details about my trip in another post! *yeay I already write about the hotel. please check it here thanks :*

It’s quite far from Jakarta, but it’s a great place!

I’m going back to Jakarta on Wednesday and took one day rest. I met my high school friends on Friday at Lotte Shopping Mall – Kuningan.

The usual member without Puri

We ate at Korean Restaurant and then strolling around the mall. After that, we hit one more snack shop just to kill some time. Why? Because we don’t want to deal with Jakarta’s traffic jam -,- so we’re waiting like until 8 pm to go back home.

I find it interesting since I haven’t seen it yet in Osaka

I went to my brother’s house in the next day. My sisters also went there. I cooked Kimchi Stew and make some Pudding for my nephew and nieces.

Sit like a boss haha
The only nephew I have (yet), he’s growing up so fast 😦


They’re tired face :*

I spent the night at my sister house in Pondok Rangon. I ate the infamous Soto near her place.



I went to Bandung on Monday to do some business. However, it took like 5 hours to reach Bandung these days. Usually, it only took me 2 or 3 hours to get there. As a result, I can’t finish my business there. Well, I still met my cousin and his wife, and I also met my friend from college.


I spent the rest of my time in Indonesia by accompanying my mother.


Well, yeah that’s my 2 weeks summer sweet escape in Indonesia. I hope you find this blog entry useful 🙂

See you on the next post!

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