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Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel

Hello guys!!

It’s been a while, isn’t it? Hahaha

For your information, recently I got busy doing the interview and some test for job recruitment. To be honest, it has also been a while since the last time I wrote anything in English. So yeah, please pardon my bad English ;”D

Okay, just like my promise before, I’ll write my experience stay at Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel.

So, when I spent my summer holiday in Indonesia, I’ve been planning to go somewhere far from Jakarta to spend a few days with my mom. Like you know, I love driving. Since I still a student and currently didn’t have any driving license in Japan. So, it’s impossible for me to have a road trip in Japan. I do want to go around Japan while driving tho huhu.

Okay, then let’s back to the main topic. I stay for a night at this hotel. Why? Because it’s so damn expensive for me haha. It cost me a million rupiah *just for the room* well if I do have money, I would like to spend like 3 nights over there since it’s such a beautiful place.

I booked my room while I’m in Japan, via you can find the hotel details here. However, the last time I checked it says that the hotel doesn’t take any reservation via anymore.

I paid it when I got checked in

I went to Tanjung Lesung via Pandeglang. So, I went from Jakarta to Pandeglang, spent one night there, then continue my journey to Tanjung Lesung. It took around 3 hours from Pandeglang to Tanjung Lesung. The road is alright, I mean it wasn’t like super good, but it’s not bad either.

It’s a little bit confusing because if you going there by google maps, it will lead you to somewhere else. I suggest you to follow the google maps navigation at first. However, when you see the “Tanjung Lesung Resort” board just go in there. They have security post, so you’re also able to ask them the direction. After entering the Tanjung Lesung area, it takes you like 5 to 10 minutes by car to reach the Hotel. Click here to open the details on Google Maps.

Ah ya, I suggest you to bring your own food such as instant noodle or bread. Because it’s quite a remote area, you won’t find any restaurant beside the hotel’s restaurant (which is expensive, but worth it).

Okay, let’s take a look! Here a video that I took, it’s a raw file so I’m sorry for any inconvenience

They have a complete facility like pool, bike rental, ATV rental, and many more. Well, once again, if you di have the money you could enjoy all the facility hahaha.

My mom tired from the long ride. So she decided to take a nap. Well, I don’t want to waste any precious time. So, I’m heading to the beach!

When you’re going to the beach, you’ll find the pool nearby the restaurant. So beautiful isn’t it?

I’m proud that I’m able to be on Java Island’s edge!


You have no idea how great it is to be able to lie down while seeing this kind of scenery!

Since I’m going alone, I have no choice but to use my tripod haha. It’s super beautiful. You won’t regret it if you come here.

Eventually my mother awake from her nap, and we go to the restaurant to have some dinner.


The love of my life, my mom *kiss*


I ordered oxtail’s soup (sop buntut), delicious.

Seafood cah kangkung
Nasi Goreng Spesial
Pisang Goreng

There’s nothing special about their selection of breakfast. Just like any other hotels. I asked my mom to come with me. I want to show her the scenery of the beach.


I love her so much :*

we’re leaving the hotel after performed Zuhr prayer. I took 5 hours straight from this place to my home. Still, it’s worth it. I’ll bring my whole family when I have enough money hahaha.

See ya later!

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