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Hong Kong Trip (last day)

Hello guys!

This time I’ll post about my last day in Hong Kong. Actually, I’m so tired at that time. So I’m not in the mood and prefer to just go straight to the airport. However, since my flight is at 7 pm, so I decided to go to the Islamic Center.

So, I went to the Islamic center. I went there by using MTR, and get off at Wan Chai Station. However, I think it’s a little bit far from the station. Therefore, I suggest you to take a bus or using Tram. Click here to open the Islamic Center location on Google Maps.

You can find the canteen on the 5th floor of the Islamic Center building. They do have an elevator, so you don’t have to worry haha. I’ve been traumatized by my previous trip to a halal restaurant, because it’s too expensive (in my opinion). So, I just ate 3 kinds of dim sum there.


When you come to the canteen, they’ll ask you how many seats you need and they will guide you to your table and then give you the menu and a piece of paper. If you want to eat dim sum, don’t forget to bring that piece of paper when you walk to the dim sum station. They will write your order in that paper, so please do not lose that.

All my order
I don’t know its name, it’s a chicken, baby corn, and a mushroom wrapped by tofu skin
Chicken! It’s super delicious!
My Favorite! 
It’s mochi, filled with custard sauce. SUPER DELISH!

After finished eating, I went to the Woman’s prayer room. Then, I found that they have an event there and it was held in Bahasa Indonesia! How cool is that!

I went back to the Mei Mei Motel to collect my stuff, I’m using my unlimited Tram ride card, then continue my journey with MTR. I return my Octopus card and get my HKD50 back. However, they do take around HKD8. Well, they said what it is for but I can’t hear what they said so I just nod along.

From Mei Mei Motel I took a taxi to go to Kowloon Station. Why?

Because as far as I can remember MTR station doesn’t have an elevator. So you have to use stair while bringing along your luggage.

From the Motel to Kowloon Station, it cost me HKD60. From Kowloon station, I took Airport Express Train to the HKIA.

I check in right away, and went inside. It’s been a while since I craving for Popeyes!



In this post, I also want to give my special thanks to HHTW website, whose help me a lot planning my trip to Hong Kong. Please click here to check their website!

Okay, that’s all my trip in Hong Kong. Here’s a bonus, my Halal meal in flight from Hong Kong to Jakarta!


See you later pals!

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