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Osaka Station Prayer Room

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This time I’ll write my review about Osaka Station Prayer Room (Musholla).

I’m using this prayer room because at that day I was attending 2 interviews. So I have to pray in between the Interview. It’s a little bit confusing because they didn’t put the prayer room symbol on the maps.

Okay, first, you have to go to the Information center at 3rd floor. You have to tell them that you want to use the prayer room.


After that, you’ll be asked to fill a form. Don’t worry because the form comes with several languages. Then, you’ll be asked whether you know the place or not. If you say you didn’t know the place, they will give you a map. They’ll also give you a paper that stated the duration of permission they give for you.


The maps are quite detailed, so you can just follow the direction easily.


Tada~ just go inside.



I’m very grateful that they have a prayer room in here. However, as for me, it’s quite troublesome since you have to go to the 3rd floor first. But overall, it’s a great room. Thank you.

*NB: they don’t provide you abaya/mukena so if you need to use that, make sure that you bring that on your own. Also, the woman area is a little bit small (I don’t know about the Men area). Therefore, I think it’s only fit for one person.

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