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Dress Like Japanese Bride for a Day

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Hello guys!

Today I will share my experience trying Japanese Wedding dress for a day! It’s my precious experience because it’s not like everyone could get the chance to try the dress!

Okay, first I got the chance to try the dress at WaPlus Nara. Click here to open the store location on Google Maps, and click here for the shop Facebook Page. For any inquiries just go to their Facebook Page, you’ll find their number or you can just chat them via Facebook Messanger.

Okay, so first they put a makeup on my face, then arrange my hijab. They arrange my hijab so I could look like the real Japanese Bride even though I’m wearing a hijab :”)



Actually, I’m not supposed to take a picture like that, because this white Kimono was count as Inner Wear. However, I love it the most hahaha. It takes a long time to put this on me. I felt bad for the boys, they already finish wearing their Kimono and have had to wait for me for such a loooooooooooonnnngggg time haha.

Yup, this is how I’m supposed to wear the wedding dress. They also have the white one as for the outer Kimono. However, I forgot to take the picture 😦


They change my hijab’s ornament.

Can you spot the differences? Yup, I change the outer Kimono, and also they rearrange my hijab 😀

well, believe me, IT WAS HEAVY. However, I feel so beautiful at that time so it’s fine haha. TOTALLY WORTH IT. They even said that the outer Kimono just same as futon haha.

I change the inner Kimono this time.


Please pardon my face haha



MUAHAHAHAHAHA I’m so sorry that this post contains so many of my pictures :”D

Believe me, it takes a great effort to be able to sit and pose just like the picture above, haha. Thank you for all the peoples whose helped me throughout the day :”)


I don’t think I can count how many times the shop assistant get my dress corrected haha.


My Favourite Pics!

So, if you happen to go to Nara don’t forget to come to WaPlus! Because they have an enormous choice of Kimono and Yukata. They also have special Kimono just like the one that I wore in the picture. They provide prayer space, all of the shop assistants are female though, when they’re helping a Muslim male costumer they will using proper gloves so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of skin contact!



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