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 My Favourite Supermarket in Japan


This time I’ll share about my top 5 favourite supermarket! Klik disini untuk membaca dalam Bahasa Indonesia

Mostly these supermarkets have so many branch store thrughout Japan. Okay, let’s get started! *I apologize in advance for my bad English haha*

Gyomu Supermarket (業務スーパー)


Ini fotonya reverse, lambangnya ijo.

This is my number 1. Why? Because they sell a lot of Halal food! From what I know Gyomu is the only supermarket that sell Halal chicken! Not only that, if you compare their price with others, you’ll find that Gyomu offer a cheaper price. They’ll also give you a “see through” plastic bag so you can use it later to throw away the trash. Okay, you can see Gyomu’s price list (before tax, checked on 30/09/2017)

  1. Egg 10pcs size M: 148¥
  2. Egg 10pcs size L: 172¥
  3. Mineral Water 2L: 49¥
  4. Halal instant Karage 1kg: 598¥ (recommended)
  5. Halal boneless chicken thigh  2kg: 798¥
  6. Halal Chicken legs (drumsticks / whole leg) 1kg: 498¥
  7. Halal chicken thigh 1kg: 538¥
  8. Halal minced garlic: 548¥
  9. American Rice 5kg: 1150¥
  10. Meiji Ice cream cup: 78¥

In my opinion Gyomu is a great place to buy all your basic needs. However, they don’t have many variant of ice cream or any other seconder needs. For you my Non-Muslim friend, Gyomu don’t sell any ready meal. As far as I know they only have sushi. CMIIW.

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Mandai Supermarket


Let’s move on to my number 2 top list. Mandai! Why? The reason is super simple, because Mandai is the closest supermarket from my apartment. Mandai near my place open from 9am to 11pm. Each store have its own closing time. I usually buy Nutella in here. They also have a good selection of sashimi, cereal, etc. However, if you compare their prices to Gyomu, you’ll find that Mandai is a little bit more expensive. Well, if you’re lucky you’ll find some product get dicounted. There’s a time when I bought my favourite milk only for 180¥ while it usually sold for 200¥ (even at Gyomu). For you my Non-Muslim friend, Mandai have a lot of ready meal! It looks delicious, I can’t tell you how it tastes since I can’t eat those haha. Just like Gyomu they’ll also give you asee through plastic bag. Okay, you can see Mandai’s price list below (before tax, checked on 30/09/2017)

  1. Egg 10pcs 10 size M: 208¥
  2. Egg 10pcs size L: 218¥
  3. Nutella: 358¥

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San Ei Supermarket (サンエー)


My number 3 is San-Ei. Maybe you’ll find it unfamiliar because I don’t think they have many chains just like the other 2. I love this supermarket because it’s located in the same building as Daiso. So whenever I need something from Daiso, I’ll just swing by there too. I usually bought my toilet paper here. Why? Because, I already fall in love with the toilet paper’s brand and I couldn’t find it anywhere else. Also, I just realized that San-Ei sell the cheapest egg! Not only that, they also have a great selection of Hagen Dazs Ice Cream with a great price too! Just like the other 2, San-Ei also give their customer a see through plastic bag. Okay, you can see San-Ei’s price list below (before tax, checked on 30/09/2017)

  1. Egg 10pcs mix size: 118¥
  2. Hagen Dazs Cup: 198¥
  3. Meiji Ice Cream Cup: 88¥
  4. Toilet Paper 12 x 27.5m: 298¥

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LIFE Supermarket (ライフスーパー)

This is my number 4! In my opinion, Life is a middle-high class supermarket. They offer Life’s brand that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s a ready meal paradise my friend~ unfortunately (or maybe fortunate? Haha) I can’t eat those. Just like Mandai, Life’s operation hour (the closing time) it depends on its location. Besides their pricing, I don’t really like this supermarket because when you do groceries there, they’ll give you a white plastic bag (not the see through one). Therefore, I can’t use it to throw away all my trashes 😦 However, they’ll give you a discount if you do bring your own shopping bag. I usually buy their vinegar and chikuwa (Life’s brand) Okay, you can see Life’s price list below (before tax, checked on 30/09/2017)

  1. Egg 6pcs size M: 148¥
  2. Egg 6pcs size L: 158¥
  3. Hagen Dazs Cup: 199¥
  4. Meiji Ice Cream Cup: 89¥

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Tamade Supermarket (スーパー玉出)

Actually, this supermarket WAS my favourite. In my opinion, Tamade offers the cheapest price. Not only that, they never close! Yup, Tamade is a 24 hours ssupermarket. So, why I chose Gyomu over Tamade? Besides Halal food at Gyomu, I chose gyomu because… they’re near to my place. LOL. They don’t have any branch store near my place -,- that’s why. Same like Life, they don’t give you a see through plastic bag -,- ah ya, one thing about this suermarket. I suggest you to not ome to this supermarket in the middle of night. Well, practically it’s better to just stay at your room in the middle of the night haha. However, from what I’ve experienced before, if you do come in the middle of the night, you’ll see a bunch of drunk elderly buying their sake. 

Okay then, see you on my next post! 

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