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NAMBA CITY’s Prayer Room (Musholla)

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Hello guys!

Today I’ll share about NAMBA CITY’s Prayer Room!

Well, some of you might already know about this prayer room, since it’s located in Namba area.

Namba is famous for its Glico’s sign and shopping arcade. So, if you’re planning to visit Osaka and spend a day in Namba area, you don’t have to worry because they do have prayer space and also halal restaurants!


The prayer space is located on the B1 floor of NAMBA CITY’s main building.

If you can’t locate the prayer room, just follow this sign on the signboard

You have to go to the information center first before able to use the prayer space. Don’t worry because they can speak English as well. Just go there and say that you need to use the prayer room, or say “sumimasen, oinorishitai des(u)”. They will give you a form. In that form you have to write your name, nationality, and how many people that were going to use the prayer room. They will give you a time card that indicates how long you’re able to use the prayer room. I usually came alone, and I always got 30 minutes.


After you finished the form, they will escort you to the prayer room since it’s locked. The prayer room can’t be opened from the outside so you can pray in peace.

Since it’s located in Namba, and it’s well known among Muslim, the possibility of using this prayer room with other people is high. Therefore, please do mind your manner while using this facility.

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They don’t have mukena/rukuh available, so please bring your own or just wearing clothes that cover your aurat perfectly 🙂

After finished your prayer, you have to go back to the information center to turn back the time card.

They have a Muslim Friendly Map in the information center, it’s free so go get one!

That’s all for today! Thank you for reading till the end 🙂

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