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Flying with Korean Air!

Hello all!

This time, I’ll share my experience flying with Korean Air. I had to go to Malaysia from Osaka, and then fly back to Japan via Nagoya for business trip. Since there’s no direct flight from Malaysia to Nagoya, my company bought me the Korean Air flight ticket.

I never used this airlines, and I was pretty excited when I knew I will try this airlines. Not only that, I also got the chance to transit at Incheon International Airport! I will do the review in different post!

Like what I usually do, when I got the booking reference, I contacted them right away  to arrange me Halal food during the flight. Unlike Singapore Airlines, I can’t request the Halal food arrangement through internet. I had to call them (through landline call) and ask for Halal food arrangement.

I also checked for the allowance of checked baggage. I’m a little bit shocked because they just give the Economy Class for 23kg! I thought that every international flights of full service airlines, no matter which airlines, they will give you at least 30kg. Thank God I checked, so I can prepare my luggage under 23kg.

Even though the checked baggage allowance smaller than other airlines, you can bring up to 12kg to the cabin. 

My first flight with Korean Air was from KIX (Osaka) to Incheon (Seoul). They using smaller type of airplane.

After checked-in, I went to the waiting room. I never been north-wing waiting room. It’s a little bit different. A little bit smaller than what I used to see in south-wing waiting room.

They announce the boarding time in Korean first, then Japanese, and lastly English. They scanned the boarding pass twice, once before I got through the skybridge, and the second one just before I entered the airplane.

When I saw the flight attendant, OMG they’re so cute!!

They kept saying “anyonghashimnika”, and I couldn’t stop giggling when I heard that 😂 Their uniform is very beautiful, complete with ribbon on their hair!

Since they were using smaller airplane, the entertainment unit using the remote one (without touch screen).


The excitement not ended yet, I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw their safety video!

They collaborate with one of Korean Boyband group to make the safety video! I never saw a safety video like this before. So refreshing and yup the boyband’s members are so freaking handsome :”)

As usual, they check with me regarding my halal food request.

Meal I got during my first flight was a snack. It was a sandwich. Surprisingly delicious for halal sandwich. I mean, that I can’t believe that the most delicious halal food I ever ate on my flight was from Korean Air. Something that I never expected. The other customer also having sandwich, but different kind of course.

My next flight to Malaysia only 30 minutes apart from my landing time in Incheon. Because of that, the flight attendant had to moved me to business class right before the landing time (it would be great if they can just move me to business class from the start haha). I’m very grateful to be able to sit in business class seat. I took a picture of it (of course!).


Larger seats, spacious legroom, and so-on.

After we landed in Incheon, they let us (customer with connecting flight to Malaysia) to get our first. After that, I had to ran. I checked on the maps that the gate is not farther apart. HOWEVER, after security check, etc, it’s soooooo freeeeaaakiiinnnnn far from each other. I had to kept running. When I arrived at the gate, the other customer starting to lined up to get in the airplane.

Since flight to Malaysia is a long haul flight, they’re using bigger airplane. Double deck!

The entertainment unit was better. Also came with the remote, but it’s a touchscreen. Maybe it’s not been updated yet, so they use the old safety video. When I see old, it’s a really old looking video.

They checked regarding halal food arrangement. They checked it once for every flight.


I got beef rendang~ so tender and delicious~

Around 2 hours before landing, they gave snack to each customer. They give onigiri and pizza which customer had to choose. As for me, I got the delicious sandwich again~ I didn’t eat it right away. I put it inside my bag, and ate it in my hotel room at Malaysia.

My flight back to Nagoya was better. Why? Because I got 3 hours transit at Incheon Airport. My flight from Malaysia to Incheon already equipped with the new safety video. Every time I saw the video I always thought “さっすが韓国” sorry, I don’t know how to express it in English 😅

Since it was a late night flight, I got the meal for breakfast. They also gave me slipper.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From Seoul to Nagoya, I got the same delicious sandwich! And again, I kept it and ate it in Nagoya.

It was a very pleasant journey! I really like Korean Air (except for their checked baggage allowance, haha).

See you in my next review!

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