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My Trip to IKEA, Osaka


Actually, I’ve been wanting to go to IKEA for a while. However, I’ve been so busy and have no time to go. Yesterday my school went to a gymnasium to do annual sports event. Luckily the gymnasium located near IKEA, so after the sports event finished I decided to go to IKEA by myself. It surprised me that IKEA has an easy access. If you start from Abenobashi, you can take number 80 buses. It takes around 34 minutes (according to Google maps) to reach the nearest bus stop from IKEA. You have to get off at Tsurumachi Nichome bus stop and take a walk around 10 minutes. img_6947

When you get off the bus, go to your right (buildings are in front of you, and the road is behind you). Go straight, and you will find Tsurumachi Minami Park on your left side. After passing the park you should be able to see IKEA sign just like in the picture above.


YEEESSSHHH!!! Finally! haha. First, let’s go to showroom area!


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Well as you can see, this IKEA just like the other IKEA. To be honest, I expecting something different. It’s Japan you know, so I thought it’ll have something different. I saw this reading room just like in the video below. It’ll be wonderful if I can build this kind of reading room in the future.


In the showroom area, I fall in love with this sofa. img_6881

It also has a storage space under the sofa. However, it cost you 69.900¥. Actually, it’s not that expensive for this kind of sofa. I don’t have money so I’ll say it’s expensive haha. Lately, I have lower back pain, so I want to buy mattress or sofa for a place to sleep. Well, maybe next time haha.


It’s market place!! I love it haha.


Well, maybe this is the differences between IKEA in Japan and IKEA outside Japan. They sell Futon in here.


Before we hit cashier, we’re passing Self-serf Furniture Area. Since I have no interest to collect anything in here, I went straight to the cashier.

I bought these 2 pack of room freshener just for 99¥ each (incl tax).

Just like any other IKEA, they have food corner in front of the cashier. I sat over there before going back home and saw this cute bird haha.


Well, that’s all for my trip to IKEA. Sure I’ll be back someday and buy that sofa!! hahaha.

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