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Japan’s Halal Souvenir Review: Chocolate

Hello! This time I’ll write review about Halal Sovenir that I got from LAOX the other day.

It’s called, Chocolate by Rock Confectionery Since 1928. It has its halal mark from Nippon Asia Halal Association (NAHA). 

In LAOX, you’ll find 2 different packages of this chocolate. The one in the box (900¥) and the one in the plastic bag (540¥). Since I’m on the budget here, haha, I bought the cheaper one. 

Each package has 3 variant of chocolate. White chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. 

After I tasted each color, I believe that the white color is for white chocolate, the black and pink color are for dark chocolate, and the gold one is for milk chocolate. 

I’m no chocolate expert, so I can’t say about the chocolate quallity. In my opinion chocolate is chocolate, and it’s always delicious hahahaha. 

I think it will make a great souvenir since it has “Made In Japan” written on each pack, along with the halal mark.  

It’s my snack review for this time, see you next time!  


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