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Osaka Ibaraki Mosque


Happy Friday Everyone! In this lovely day, I’ll share with you my experience visiting Osaka Ibaraki Mosque.

To be honest I don’t have any intention to go the mosque in the first place. I was planning to go to Katsuoji Temple to do some photo hunting. I really want to take some Momiji picture. However, there are too many people there and I have to wait until the next bus comes. So I decided to go to Saito-Nishi Station by Monorail, and then walk to the temple. It’s 7km far from the station, however, since there’s no other choice, I’ll try anything rather than just waiting -.-


However, it didn’t as smooth as I thought it will be. I got confused and not able to read the map properly. I can’t find the sidewalk and decided to just go to the mosque since it’s near from the station. Although, I just realized that Katsuoji temple has the same direction as the mosque. In the end, I chose to go to the mosque. Maybe it is God’s way to call me back to the mosque haha.

Okay, thank you for reading my personal story haha. Now, let’s talk about the access. You can click here to open the mosque position on Google Maps. The nearest station is Toyokawa, Monorail line. It’s a little bit costly tho. However, it’s the easiest access to go the mosque.


Just follow the direction on Google Maps, and InsyaAllah you’ll be fine 🙂


Alhamdulillah, I arrived safely. To be honest it’s a little bit creepy since there’s no one there at that time. It looks like typical Japanese house.

The entrance door

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If you’re a woman, just go to the behind of the curtain. You’ll find a place to wudhu.


They do have toilet only for women, so you don’t have to worry. They also have hot water, so during this cold season, you’ll be fine! img_0908

After wudhu, just go upstairs.


You’ll find this room. Since it was my first time visiting this mosque, and there’s no one there, I have no idea where I actually supposed to pray. So yeah, I think I supposed to pray in here since the other room kinda looked like educational purpose.

I didn’t see any mukena/abaya/rukuh, therefore, make sure to bring your own’s. Well, it’s always better to wear clothes that cover your whole aurat so you won’t need to wear mukena/abaya/rukuh in order to pray 🙂


This mosque also has a parking lot in case you’re going there by car.

Don’t forget to visit this mosque once you’re in Osaka!

Thank you for reading till the end 🙂

See you until next time 🙂

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