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Flying with Singapore Airlines!


It’s been awhile isn’t it? *my typical opening sentence 😂*

Well, I forgot if I already told you or not, now I’m working full time at a Tourism Company in Japan! Alhamdulillah. That’s why I’ve been so freakin’ busy lately *classic excuse 😂*


This time I would like to share with you my experience flying with Singapore Airlines!

It’s not my first time flying with Singapore Airlines. However, it’s been awhile since the last time I’m using Singapore Airlines. That’s why I’m so excited!

I went to Indonesia to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr (Idul Fitri/Lebaran) with my family.  For only 5 days tho 😭. I searched for the cheapest non-LCC flight from Osaka to Jakarta. It’s not like I hate LCC, it’s just wasting my time since LCC take a long time to reach the final destination with transit and stuff.

First, I searched for Garuda Indonesia. However, at that time Garuda’s fare is super expensive. It’s around 70,000 JPY one way! Of course I can’t afford that! So, I searched for my favourite non LCC but affordable airlines. Cathay Pacific! As usual, Cathay Pacific have an affordable round trip fares. It’s around 60,000 JPY. But again, I have to switch because of the flight schedule.

I looked at Traveloka and and finally I found my ideal flight schedule with affordable fares. Lucky me, at Singapore Airlines had a special price campaign. For a round trip from Osaka (KIX) to Jakarta (CGK) it cost around 68,000 JPY!

The flight schedule I was looking for is, the night flight from Osaka to Jakarta. Therefore, I can go from my office straight to airport and arrived in Indonesia in the next day. So, I’ll have more time to spend with my family.

Below is my e-ticket from


You can set the seats and in flight meal from Singapore Airlines app, and don’t forget to make KrisFlyer membership! Because you’ll earn miles haha.

I set my in-flight menu as Muslim Meal. And yes, it’s free of charge.

Okay, let’s go inside the airplane. Ah ya, just so you know, of course my ticket is economy class hahaha.

It’s my first time to have a flight with this kind of headrest!

The chair arrangement is quite spacious. You can bend the headrest at you convenience.


You can log-in with your KrisFlyer ID. Also, if you fly frequently with Singapore Airlines, you can make a make a “watch later/watch list” so you can continue or easily find the movies/drama you’d like to watch on the next flight.

I suggest you to check their in flight entertainment booklet. Because they have too much movies and drama it’ll take time if you have to take look at it manually. Read the booklet and then just search the title you want to watch. It’ll be much easier haha.

The only thing that bother me is, you can easily look your neighbour screen! As far as I can remember, you can’t look at your neighbour screen in Garuda or Cathay flight.

Automatic window shades!

I’m Norak to this one haha. Norak is Indonesian words. When I searched it online the translation to English is “tawdry”, “garish” I don’t know if it’s the same meaning or not haha. I never saw this automatic window shades, I’m so excited! Unfortunately I forgot to try to use it huhu 😢.


I forgot to bring my travel neck pillow this time, and was worried that I won’t have a pleasant journey. But! The pillow from Singapore Airlines above is my saviour! It’s super comfy and I love it so much. I even want to buy it if they sell it haha.


They also gave us the booklet for in flight meal menu.

Like the other flight, the flight attendant came to my seat and confirming that I order the Muslim meal. After that, they put a sticker behind my seat.

My flight from Osaka – Singapore and Singapore – Jakarta it’s during Ramadhan (fasting month for Muslim). I don’t know whether it’s because Ramadhan or not. The flying attendant serve our in flight meal at around 3 am JST.

And of course my meal came earlier than the other passengers! So, if you want to have your meal before the other, just order Muslim meals or maybe any other special dietary! LOL.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I arrived at Singapore and have a short transit there. I didn’t have to collect my baggage, and just went to my next departure gate. Without any security check. Actually I was planning to do a little shopping. However, since I arrived in Singapore super early in the morning, mostly the store still closed haha. Alhamdulillah, Allah saved me haha.

Okay, my next flight from Singapore (SIN) to Jakarta (CGK) is a brief flight, and using a different type of aircraft. It’s smaller, not so spacious. Using an old in flight entertainment system. Thank God, Alhamdulillah, the seat next to mine was empty.

Before serving the food, the flight attendant kindly asked me whether I want to eat or not. They noticed that I’m a Muslim so they want to check if I’m fasting or not on that day. Well, since I’m on my period I can’t fasting. So I ate my in flight meals!

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I chose to have Mie Goreng (fried noodles) rather than Nasi Goreng (fried rice). I really enjoyed the scenery from my seat. An advice if you’re hoping to capture a sunrise from inside the airplane, chose 42A seat! Of course it’s apply differently for different aircraft and airlines haha.

Here take a look to an awesome picture that I took from my seat!



It’s a little bit too dazzling tho.

My trip return trip is quite the same tho. The difference is we have to went through a security check in Singapore before we’re able to go to our next departure gate. A little bit unfair tho. Osaka – Singapore – Jakarta didn’t require any security check. However, Jakarta – Singapore – Osaka, we have to went through a security check in Singapore before able to continue our flight.

Okay, these pictures below is my meal from Jakarta to Singapore.

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I had to transfer from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3 and take another train to go to my departure gate. It’s so freakin’ far!

Well, pictures below are my meal from Singapore to Osaka.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love my SIN-KIX meal more than KIX-SIN. The dessert is superb! They also gave out an ice cream as snack! Maybe it’s because a day flight, not a night flight.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s Halal certified, so I’m allowed to eat this. Yeay! It’s not that tasty tbh, but still is an ice cream, haha.

Ah ya, I forgot to mention it before. They serve a hot towel in every flight. I got twice on my flight from Osaka to Singapore.

My verdict: As Indonesian, I still prefer Garuda. However, the service was great. And of course I’m willing to fly with Singapore airlines again in the future!

That’s my review! See you on the next post!


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